DataUnion's curation tools for Computer Vision data. Earn crypto rewards for participating in challenges!

Welcome to’s web app Mantis. Currently we are in alpha state. We want to show that a community of contributors can create more ethical, more diverse data. We are solving bias and giving ownership of datasets back to the contributors. Join us on our journey and contribute your data. To get started checkout the challenge rules, the data bounties and checkout the tutorials.

Welcome to's Mantis

To get a short intro into the platform and the introduction material, check out this video!

There are three challenges starting from 15.05.2021 - until 15.08.2021 - to incentivise the use of our platform and to create a foundation of the Image Data Vault. This data will power our Data Portal that we are currently developing - the window onto the data for buyers and contributors.

The rules for the challenges are that either the following criteria are fullfilled or three month have passed. In either case we will then check the submissions for fraud and if necessary disqualify participants - fraud would be purposly wrong, random or upload rule violating contributions. All tags and descriptions have to be in English for now.

  • Upload challenge: 1.000.000 images have been uploaded
  • Annotation challenge: 3.000.000 descriptions and 7.000.000 tags have been created
  • Verification challenge: 200.000.000 upvotes and downvotes have been cast

For each category 20 QUICRA-0 datatokens are reserved as rewards. First come, first serve. In your stats page you can see how many of those are attributed to you. We reserve the right to change these rules if unexpected events force us to do so.